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We are a team based in the United States and across Europe who - since 2002 - have developed several patents in the technology and healthcare sectors. We are currently seeking development and licensing partners to help bring these patent-pending products to market through worldwide commercialization.

D-Project is our diabetes-related project. We have over 15 years of experience managing diabetes within our family, while at the same time helping others providing diabetes education. Leveraging our experience allowed us to apply advanced technologies and create several very easy-to-use diabetic tools, resulting in a more integral and optimized diabetes management approach. One that is hassle-free and provides families peace of mind .

The Team

Adolfo J Hernandez


Patents Co-creator / Business Partner

General Business, Strategy, Marketing and Sales

Adolfo is a natural leader with skills in international business development, operations, sales, marketing communications and cross-functional team management. He has decades of proven experience in successfully growing start-ups and existing business units by generating multi-million dollar revenues and improving profitability. Skilled contract negotiator.


Linkedin: Adolfo J Hernandez

Philip Schalkx


Project Management / Strategic Partner through Shalkx Consultancy

Philip has over 35 years experience in Projects Management, Industrial Production, Renewable Power Infrastructure Deployment and IT Systems Integration. Ample expertise in bridging the gap, in both directions, between management and technologists. Accustomed to lead and manage technology and industrial production projects from concepts to deliverables. Extremely results-oriented.

Son T1D

Linkedin: Philip Schalkx

Alberto Hernandez-Dominguez (Alberto HD)

BSEE and Systems Engineer

Patents Co-creator / Creative Partner

Product Development Expert

Alberto is the heart of HD Design Technology. He is a creative thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit that drives his 30+ years of passionately developing products, bringing ideas to life. During the past decade, Alberto has been involved in many product development projects --working with multi-disciplinary teams-- transforming ideas into final products for worldwide markets.

Daughter T1D

Linkedin: Alberto HD

Daniel A. Hernandez

Integrated Marketing / Strategic Partner

Daniel has over a decade of experience working in the integrated marketing field. He is currently tasked with overseeing international communications strategy and implementation for a renowned global food & beverage company. Previously, Daniel held senior marketing positions at an acclaimed cultural institution as well as at leading public relations firms managing high-profile company brands in New York City.

Portfolio: www.hernandez-lyon.com


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